Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This morning, I took Kamala to GCA as we had been told on Tuesday that they had a job at 25th ave. and Union Hills that was part time. We arrived at GCA at 8:30 to find that they had filled the job yesterday. The only other job was a part time job in northeast Scottsdale with no bus access.

This afternoon I found out that the Phoenician is hiring room attendants. The applications must be made online at

Does anyone have time to help Kamala do the app. at the library?

The people at GCA semi promised me that if there was another opening at Blue Cross she would have first chance.

FYI for both Mike & Carla about the annex: I’ve done some more sorting (SORT OF sorting!!!) stuff (mostly clothes) in the annex. It’s hard to organize it with no shelves or anything. But at least it’s sorted by men/women/boys/girls/bedding/toys, etc. So you all are welcome to start distributing again if there are needs. There are some cold weather clothes there that won’t be useful for several months but I didn’t want to get rid of them as they’ll be needed in the winter months. There are several cooking pots & pans that could be useful to someone – especially for a large family – there are about 3 or 4 stock pot size.

…There’s been a lot of stuff that’s already gone the way of the garbage can or channeled to the thrift store and I won’t be insulted if you channel more in those directions!!!. It would be nice to somehow get the message across to those donating that this is not a garbage dump for stuff that’s unfit for human use. L L Grrr… But thankfully there are some nice things too. Thanks for all YOU do!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The attendance chart did not capture all attendees in Sunday school yesterday. It reflects our best effort--- 80++ names. Capturing names and attendance is becoming a overwhelming task for whomever volunteers to complete the task.
There were 35 14- 20 year olds working on the application.
How many were in Mike's class? 60???
How many in the Nursery/Sunday school for children? 10??

We all survived yesterdays picnic with various stages of exhaustion and exhilaration. I believe Carol Langley was close when she said there had to be close to 120 attendees at the picnic. Thank you to everyone on the team for assisting in so many wonderful helpful ways.

I was the last one to leave the park and I have two items that belong to someone:
Big orange jug - Is it from the church kitchen?
Handy pocket pliers. you will need to provide the brand name to claim it. It is not a Leatherman.

Review the roster and send your corrections. There are gaping holes!!!!!

Elvern and Helen

Hi Helen! Thank you for always being so gracious toward me in my impatience and general peskiness when it strikes. I know I test you at times, but you always just smile and shrug and go on! I'm working on my perspective, which is overwhelmed right now.

the pliers are my dad's ...don't have a clue what brand but my niece bought them for him for Christmas, if that counts as anything. He did ask about them.

did anyone find $20 bill on the ground?

I have very mixed emotions about the overwhelming numbers, very sad emotions about the response I got from Zack in trying to engage him with our Bhutanese friends. I can not keep going at the level I've been going... Billy is having a significant set back and I've got to pull back. Today I was gone 7 hours to Mesa ending with two guys getting jobs, but I can't do that again. So as you talk to folks, if my name comes up as someone to help them get a job, take my name out of the loop. I am getting tired and not responding graciously when our friends complain to me that I am not helping enough. I need to build relationships with a few people, if that is even possible. I can't take people for jobs anymore, which is a sad thing since they all need them so desperately. I will follow up with any youth re: applications. I don't really know how to get Judy started on ESL .... not sure what her experience and/or expectations are. Ideas?

Again, you two did an amazing job and I heard good things today from some who enjoyed the picnic and hike a lot.


Ok the pliers belong to your Dad
I can understand about exhaustion. I was committed to this project from 7:30 a,m, until about 6:00 after I brought the kids home after applications at my house. Again today Elvern spent 3+ hours with the Acharya family on hotel applications and they will go for interview tomorrow. Elvern thinks one of them might get hired at the American Hotel just S of the Sheraton on Dunlap. Keep on praying.

Who got jobs today in Mesa?

Regarding the picnic, I sort of felt like a caterer who did not have a moment for person interaction with guests- the masses at the picnic.

You need to limit your time to xx (reasonable) hours per week to take care of yourself and your family.
Good night

Dilli and Lila Rizal, brothers, got jobs with GCA at the airport. Lila starts today, Dilli sometime soon. There is another opeining for a daytime shift if anyone wants to take Devi Bhattarai since he could possibly pass the test.
City of Phoenix Workforce applications
They are due at 5:00 on April 24 at the YMCA at 17th Ave and Missouri.
Completing applications was more difficult than I expected! Thanks to Judy Gose, Ann Greybeal, and Barb Campbell for helping . The four additional teenagers, who helped Elvern set up the grill and tables for the picnic, worked on theirs at my house from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. That makes 35 Butanese high school age refugees have had one experience at completing a difficult application. I am positive it was the first time for some like Tika Neopany!

Next steps
All of you can help by checking on the status of the high school applications submission as you travel to the various apartment complexes this week.
I might buy ribbons or QT 1:00 soda cards for those who actually submit on Friday and recognize on 4-26-09
They will be informed the week on May 4 if they make it to an interview. More celebration on May 10!!
The immediate or following Sunday students who were contacted for interview will have a Sunday morning breakout session regarding the interview process and protocol. Perhaps some practice interviews. We will need a separate room for this activity.

What did I miss?

In a message dated 4/20/2009 8:38:48 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time, writes:
Amazing time yesterday! Wow...thanks for all your hard work!

Let me know how I can help with getting the apps completed and turned in.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Name Last Name Need Job Sick Other
Jhana Adhikari Need Job Pain in back, head, and hands
Kumar Sick
Kaplana Sick
Batuli Need Job Sick
Deepak Sick
Roshni Need Job Sick
Ranjana Sick
Himal Rai Soon recovery
Sabitra Mishra for sick back pain
Dana for good health
Shanker for good Job
Pabita Basnet for sick for body pain
Beda Basnet Sick
Deperna for good health
Rati for good job
Hari Sapkota for good health
Tika Acharya for good health
Rita Dahal pray for my sister in Nepal who is sick for months
Arjun Dahal Pray for the jobs. Let Jesus helps us to find the jobs
Bishnu Rai My sister is suffering from chest pain in Nepal. She is taking medication. Please pray for her. Champa
Narapa Tikhanal Asthma
Theli Kaflay
Roma Kaflay
Tara for good job
Hari good job
Om Subadi prayer for job
Gorjaman Khatiwada prayer for job
Laxmi Mishra for job
Tulasa for job
Kamala for job
Oh Almighty God, we want a nice job. My job is also not good. I want a nice job. I always pray you. Please help us God.
Kul Basnt for job
Ganga for job
Pralad Mishra job seeking
Manymaya Dhungnana need for job
Irishor Bhattrai my father has no job (Dani Bhattrai)
Thali Kafie need job
Indra for job
Sharma Bhuwan I want fo pray for job
Tara Bhattarai I want to pray the God for that I will get job ver soon.
Ram Dhuryana for job
Kamal I need job
Devi Bhattarai In need of job and everyone those who resides in Arizona
Chandra Adhikari for job
Bhola Shiwakoti I like job
Yadu no job
Cindrilla Basnet my sister has no job from Susma Basnet
Laxmi Basnet my sister has no job from Susma Basnet
Theli Kaflay in Nepali
Roma Kaflay in Nepali
Tilak Chand
Roshni Rajana

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This morning I took Gopel, Devi, Safala and Kubuidra Tiwari (NEW) to the Great Arizona Teach In at Westgate Renaissance Hotel. These individuals all have BA or BS++ in Education. We all learned a lot and then debriefed for about 1 hour reviewing and identifying the next steps. It was a wonderful morning. with many interesting conversations about education and their hopes for teaching in Az.

I downloaded 30 applications for 14- 24 year olds to apply for summer work through a city of Phoenix job training grant. When I spoke with a few of Camelback friends this afternoon they asked if we could do it during 10:45 Sunday School Class. Mike, we will start with the big class and then break out with information and instructions on the application which is due April 24th. Do you have any ideas on where we could take the "breakout" group? I expect I may need 15-20 chairs. Are there tables in a back room at the bike shop? We decided at Camelback this noon that this activity would not be effective to do at the park.

Please note I am calling this an opportunity and not an issue or challenge.

Judy, please plan to solidify plans with Camelback friends to meet them this week. I mentioned that you are anxious to assist with English skills and they are ready.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

We will need all our regular drivers and the committee members to assist with driving to North Mountain Park at 7th St and Peoria after Sunday School on April 19th. The Havasupai ramada is the largest ramada in the park and will be on your left as you enter the park. The ramada has covered tables for 100 so we should have plenty of space if we plan for 70 attendees including committee members and drivers.

Action and Communication

1. Please inform the group if you are not driving/attending

Mike G, Duane A Stan P, Iris H, Carol, Vilma, Mark O Judy G, Carla (2), Greybeals (2)

Campbells (2) Darus (2) Brown (2) Bootsma (2).Giebinks (2?) Raybadas (2?) Simmons (2) Langley (2)

2. Invite Pastor Joel?

3. Inform our guests that we will eat first and then hike.

4. We will not need lawn chairs but if you have room in your trunk you may want to bring a few.

5. For this picnic you are encouraged to bring table games not lawn games

6' Bring sun screen as necessary.

Confirmed items are listed below:
1. Mike and Carol L- Volunteered to bring ice water bottles and Trinity water jugs/coolers for 70
2. Carol L- Volunteered to bring ice soda for 70

3. ??????Purchase and bring veggies-- chips etc for 70

4. Carla - Volunteered to bring fruit

5 Carla - Volunteer to run to nearby Frys to buy ice cream or ice cream bars after Sunday dinner.

6. Frankie - Volunteered to prepare Fruit Cobbler

7. Elvern - Marinate chicken to grill for 70 and bring lighter fluid and charcoal (did not volunteer)

8. Emery and Elvern will leave Trinity at 11:45 to start the grills at the park.

9. Helen - bring tablecloths, plastic forks, knives cups luncheon and dessert plates, & napkins

Submit receipts for Trinity reimbursement as necessary

What am I missing??

Take care

Elvern and Helen

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here is a Nepali New Year greeting from one of the long time leaders in the Nepali community. Please read "Trinity Bible Saints in Service" where it says "Ms. Carla"...
Dear Friends,
This year has become old enough to book all our meaningful involvements to this day during the year 2065 in our memory lane. Many of us very new while others have celebrated their 1st anniversary of our coming to the US. There are those who have made history and can be called our legends. The catch phrase "economic depression" in our new homeland is grinding many of us. It is testing us all in our endurance to see our life change and bear fruits from the debries of hopes nurtured for over eighteen years. Let us believe in ourselves to usher in a new era of development,peace and prosperity. May the year 2066 bring us all the joys of living a defined and dignified life. Let us also contemplate the sincere and the hard works that Fr.Dann, Fr. Jeff, Ms.Carolyn Manning, Ms. Carla and Mr. Rameshwor Adhikari have been doing for many of us and pray almighty that their philanthropic zeal be recognized as their humble service to God and humanity. Let us also pray that the agencies helping us settle in the US receive the blessing of all concerned through which their mission will remain accomplished.
"Happy New Year 2066".

With prayers,
Tek Bir Chhetri
Saphala Chhetri
Bhuvan Chhetri
Viktshya Chhetri

from Carla

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This morning I took Gopel, Devi, Safala and Kubuidra Tiwari (NEW) to the Great Arizona Teach In at Westgate Renaissance Hotel. These individuals all have BA or BS++ in Education. We all learned a lot and then debriefed for about 1 hour reviewing and identifying the next steps. It was a wonderful morning. with many interesting conversations about education and their hopes for teaching in Az.

I downloaded 30 applications for 14- 24 year olds to apply for summer work through a city of Phoenix job training grant. When I spoke with a few of Camelback friends this afternoon they asked if we could do it during 10:45 Sunday School Class. Mike, we will start with the big class and then break out with information and instructions on the application which is due April 24th. Do you have any ideas on where we could take the "breakout" group? I expect I may need 15-20 chairs. Are there tables in a back room at the bike shop? We decided at Camelback this noon that this activity would not be effective to do at the park.

Please note I am calling this an opportunity and not an issue or challenge.

Judy, please plan to solidify plans with Camelback friends to meet them this week. I mentioned that you are anxious to assist with English skills and they are ready.


Thanks Mike for clarification on some important questions.
I have some concerns and comments. I will try to incorporate them in italics iwithin each of your points.

In a message dated 4/13/2009 5:56:14 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, writes:
Over a week ago Helen posed some questions. I delayed answering them
until we had our meeting with the elders. There will be another meeting
this Tuesday night the 21st. These are ongoing issues that will require
flexibility and creativity as our resources and situation changes.

Sunday Morning Class Space
Helen-- One of the solutions is to channel many of the teenagers into Zak's class at 9:00 and then they could worship at 10:33. Is Zak prepared to welcome 20 Nepal teenagers in his class? Perhaps Purna and Uma could describe the perceived barriers and that would help everyone including our need for space. It is important for them to be integrated into the youth group. This could have a significant impact on some of our space concerns.
We are still considering options. The Worship Center is open to us
second hour. There are more rooms available first hour than second
hour. This is complex. It may change weekly. As of today, we meet in
the same class Sunday.

Helen--- Please talk again to the Woodbridge families again. Elvern did both pick up and return. They are very concerned/confused about the information that they received from you and Tika. They told Elvern that they could not attend Sunday services or the picnic at noon due to the fact they will need to take the bus. Perhaps one more visit. It was news to Elvern on Sunday so he could assist in the explanation.
We are doing great with personal vehicles but we need a better solution.
For most of our friends, it seems like a good solution is city buses. I
have tested the idea with a couple of them and received a positive
response. At first I was very hesitant, but I think it can work well.

Initially, we will have one person at each apartment complex. Those who
want to come to church will meet at a designated bus stop. The person
from Trinity will hand out one-day bus passes. If possible, we will
also have someone at the transfer point. If there are long layovers we
can offer water. This actually can greatly expand our capacity while
keeping it personal. The added benefit is bus training! We may still
car pool the return trip. They will have the added benefit to use the
bus passes the rest of the day.

This will take a couple of weeks to roll out. George Mann is working on
bus passes.

Helen---Your recommendations are excellent. As you may recall I sent out the message yesterday regarding the family who provides the Starbucks snacks. They are currently very happy to continue bringing the day- old snacks. So we currently have sweet cakes and goodies covered.
Anne Graybeal has snacks lined up for us for the next month. The ideal
would be if Kamala and some of the women could take on the set up. If
they consider it their class, they would naturally take on the hostess
role. If we are the host, it will likely be more difficult for them to
be hostess. We gain a lot if they consider it their class.


Helen-- I will send a separate email about the picnic. I really need each of the committee members to assist by purchasing the items on the list I sent earlier. I have spent about $50 on chicken and still need to but some other items. I intend to submit the receipts and I hope others will as well.
Please continue to turn in receipts to the office. We don't want our
volunteers to bear too heavy of a burden.

We are transitioning from a class project to a church ministry. It is
an exciting time but full of challenges. Keep praying for our Nepali
friends and our continued effort to be Jesus in their lives.

Mike Darus
good points....I'll add only a few...


I tried to funnel the teen boys...they wouldn't go to the class. said they didn't like it. Doesn't mean it couldn't happen, it just didn't happen that day. Since their culture is not strongly parent centered authority, I don't expect any help from the parents with the kids. Same with the children...Sumitra, Keena, etc. That adds 5-7 to our space issue. Yes, I think the ladies should start hostessing and would enjoy it just like Tika likes being a part.

I can purchase and cool sodas but will need them transported in someone's vehicle so I have room for carseat storage in mine when I"m running adults. Mike or Emery can we use your truck? I have coolers.

I'll go to Fry's for ice cream.

A request was made for music and dancing. Any concerns/objections? Many of the songs I've heard are love songs, not Vishnu songs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I heard yesterday that Purna Rai, brother of Champa Rai, was baptized at Cross Cultural Outreach!! Praise God!

I also had a sad discussion on the way to church with Tilak Kafley who emphasized why they worship Jesus and they believe in Jesus: because they believe Jesus was one of the many reincarnations of "Lord Vishnu". There is a current reincarnation of Vishnu living in TEXAS, of all places. It was a good reminder to me that we need to ask questions as well as to teach, or we may miss what they are believing.

Please pray for Seema Nepal, age 5, the little girl who wears her hair pulled up onto her head. she was admitted to St. Joe's yesterday with serious infection coming from her rotten teeth. Her face was so swollen one eye was swollen shut and she could barely move her mouth. She may require more than oral surgery if the infection spread to her sinuses. She was supposed to have been taking antibiotic for the last three weeks but her parents thought it was only for pain so they only gave it when she complained of pain. This is a serious issue we need to address as a team re: how to help them navigate the medical system. Rati Gurung also did not follow directions for the same reason; and the Rai family at Glenrosa had a long stay in the hospital because of medication errors. Speaking of the Rai family, does anyone connect with them regularly? I feel like since they are believers we need to pay special attention to them, but I know I rarely see them. I realize language is a barrier.

thanks for all the hard work, lots of miles driven and lots of furniture moved that you all do!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi all.....I am going to make a pickup at 8 am at Camelback and then will come back again at 8:30 am. I really need to be in church on time this Sunday for my own heart's encouragement. I will go down to C-=back today or tomorrow and ask several people to spread the word to be ready early. I will also tell folks at Thomas to be ready early, as much for their own experience as well as avoiding large interruptions of the service. So we'll just keep cell phones handy!
Ganga's family journey was documented in this film by an ASU student. Today is the premier and then it will be shown on ASU TV in April. See attached for details.
Hi..........I have tortured Rati Gurung's children by taking them a dvd player and dvd's, but have not found an affordable adapter to fit from the coaxial cable input on their tv to the dvd red/yellow/white output. I found one at Radioshack for a mere $30, but figured it'd be cheaper to get a different TV. Any suggestions or spare adapters lying around?

Stopped in there this evening. Dipendra has a fever and is refusing to drink, so I'm assuming is dehydrated, thus the fever. he has been taking his antibiotic. I bought him some more ice pops and "read him the riot act", as the saying goes, about drinking lots of fluids, eating lots of ice pops and being obedient to his mom. Two fortunate things God designed: a really good interpreter who mimicked my exaggerated hand gestures and Billy was there to give testimony to more than 60 surgeries and how important it is to listen to mom. Rati replied that Dipendra runs all over the place, locks himself in the bedroom, won't listen. I was really direct with her and said NO tv, no toys, no running with friends, put him in the bedroom for five minutes and keep him there. Billy and I took the lock mechanism out of the door knob since we couldn't find a quick key for the button lock. I'm sure he'll just lock himself in the bathroom or other bedroom but at least he can't access his toys behind a locked door. I emphasized dramatically how this is for his safety and well being, that he has to learn to follow directions. I commiserated with her about being a single mom, but kept telling them she has to be in charge. I also told her that he desperately needed a bath as he hadn't had one in at least week. I think she feared making him sick by making him bathe. Even the Catholic Social services case manager gave her bad advice saying that Dipendra just needed to chew gum to exercise his jaw and he'd be okay. So I left them with children's tylenol, gatorade and popsicles and will hope things are better tomorrow. Pray for the little guy to stay out of the hospital and to start developing some obedience.

Also, just so you all know, Carol Brady is "Missionary of the Month" as she has been spending hours and hours with Bhattarais' this week on Easter, showing various Jesus films and narratives, talking late into the nights. Pray for her to have lots of energy and wisdom as she extends herself and gives such a clear testimony of Easter.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In September of 2008, Trinity received a call from Donna Buckles from Lutheran Social Services challenging us to adopt a refugee family. This fit right in with our community outreach efforts. Mark Giebink challenged the Discovery and Joint Heirs Sunday School classes to take on the project. We received an instruction manual and signed a 3 to 6 month commitment dependant on the needs of the family. At this time we did not know anything about the family or what their needs would be. We committed to a short range goal of setting up an apartment with furniture and food for a week and a longer range focus of mentoring the family in American culture and learning English.

We recognized that we needed resources beyond just the two classes so we distributed a list of furniture and other items to the congregation on Sunday mornings. We also collected some monetary donations and were offered more financial assistance from the Harvest offering. This enabled us to furnish the apartment at Dunlap and 35th Ave. beautifully and do some nice extras.

In early November we learned that the members of our family were refugees from Bhutan who had been living in a refugee camp in Nepal for 17 years. For 17 years all they had was a bamboo hut and free food from the United Nations. They were not allowed to return to Bhutan to their homes. They were not allowed to work or be integrated into Nepal. Their children had no future. In seven refugee camps there were over 100,000 people without a country and with little hope. Before November, no one in our team had any idea about this situation.

We met the Acharya family on November 18. We also noticed that there were other Nepali families who were already here. Then we began to realize how much there was to do. There was so much to show them -- even how to turn lights on and off. Our team spent hours every week helping with trips to the doctor, showing them how to shop at our grocery stores, taking them to the zoo, applying for jobs, or just hanging out.

At Christmas, we again asked for help from the congregation to provide Christmas presents. By this time, we had also been introduced to the Bhattarai family and were able to include them in Christmas. We included the two families in our families’ Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and social activities here at Trinity. Our team even enabled four teens to go to Winter camp.

We soon discovered that Tika Acharya was a networker. He was telling all his friends that Trinity Bible Church was a place where Americans cared about Nepalese. Since Tika was coming to church, he asked for us to give his friends rides too. The Super Bowl party was a turning point. We had 50 Nepalese attend. We were able to show them a DVD presentation of the gospel in their language and God provided a Christian pastor from Nepal to speak to the group at half time.

Through January, more families started attending Trinity worship services and adult Sunday School. We wondered how much they understood. We also recognized that we needed to do more to help them with their English. On February 9 we held our first ESL/Sunday School class. We put together a transportation plan with cars and drivers. We are picking up families from 35th Ave & Dunlap, 19th Ave & Camelback, 23rd Ave & Glenrosa, and I-17 and Thomas. We increased to about fifteen teens in youth Sunday School, about the same in Children’s, and fifty adults. The Sunday before last the missions MLT helped us hand out Nepali Bibles. We also hand out copies of The Message. Women’s ministry has about twelve women signed up for their next event. We have over 100 on our contact list.

Currently, we are committed to fully adopt the Acharya family. Recently we made a limited commitment to the Bhattarai family. Seven new members of the Bhattarai family arrived two weeks ago. We were able to furnish an apartment for them. We are also distributing sundries collected by the Women’s Ministry. The Singles Ministry have shifted their outreach efforts from the Burundis to the Nepalis. This last Sunday the Singles helped distribute clothing they had collected. The Singles also helped put together a picnic at Cactus park last month. We are planning our next monthly social on April 19 at North Mountain Park.

In addition to the Nepali Bibles, the Missions MLT has also ordered the Jesus Film in Nepali. This week they approved an annual budget of $2000 for interpreters for adult and children’s classes.

What started as a class project has become a church ministry involving every ministry at Trinity. World missions is at our doorstep. We are introducing people to Christ who know almost nothing about Him. They have never heard of Adam & Eve, Moses, The Ten Commandments. They have never heard the Lord’s Prayer. They have never read the Bible in their own language. They had never prayed for the sick. They come from a country where the there is no Christian witness--where until recently missionaries and pastors were jailed or worse. They see some similarities between their Hindu beliefs and Christianity. They are only beginning to grasp the differences and the radical change that Jesus wants for them.

The word is that there will be over 10,000 Nepali refugees in Phoenix by the end of 2010. We have met families that do not have a church sponsor. They have no beds, they have no way to get the doctor; they are confused by our kitchen appliances; they think the bathtub is for doing laundry. We have no illusions that Trinity can handle this on our own. But we do believe that Trinity is being offered an opportunity to demonstrate and communicate Christ’s love to Nepali refugees. We can be a model for other churches. Part of our vision is to challenge other churches to join us.

I am amazed by our small team. We did not know what we were getting into but we have just the right mix of gifts and passions and availability. Some have time to give, others have organizational skills. So far, as we stumble into this, we seem to be doing things right. We are at the right place at the right time to meet a need. More than anything, we are doing the relationship thing right. We love our new friends. We enjoy being around them. I am pretty sure that they see Jesus.

It is hard to see where this is going. Everyone who becomes involved lights up emotionally and spiritually. But we are hearing a little push back. We are disrupting some things. Not everyone in the congregations understands what is at stake. Trinity is at a fragile moment as it makes a very difficult and complex transition. But everything about this experience feels right to me. We have not targeted Nepali refugees for conversion, yet they are being drawn to Christ. Our mission was to help them in tangible ways. It has become much more than that. They are our friends –maybe even our family. We believe many will become our bothers and sisters in Christ. We don’t know how long this opportunity will last.
We have two friends in the hospital...Himal Rai (son with developmental disability, age 34, lives at Glenrosa with mom and dad who are believers), for complications with TB medication and Dipendra Gurung (age 6, lives at Thomas/Freeway) for tonsillectomy. I'll check on both tonight and tomorrow and let you know. if you know where Dipendra is would you give me a call? Thanks all.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Carol and Mike
I also have the same concerns about water bottles.Does Trinity have large insulated jugs for gallons of water? If yes, that would be good. I'll add plastic cups to my list. I am not sure about the environmental gain....As we move into summer, I have asked for a glass or cold water rather than the Coke or tea. This will take some training. I do think that we should offer water bottles to those who hike up the hill.
Thanks Mike for taking care of water and Carol for the Soda.

Mike, I'll call Carla tonight about the application training and transportation for family at Woodbridge.

In a message dated 4/5/2009 11:29:39 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, writes:
Great report. Today was a great day.

Please include Dil and Kunti Sunuwar at Woodbridge apartment 95 in the opportunity at the new hotel. Their phone number is 602-350-3631. The are strong Christians and seriously considering coming to Trinity. They have a son named Surya who is about 10.

Mike Darus
Jai Moosei

From: []
Sent: Sun 4/5/2009 5:01 PM
To:; Mike Darus;;;;;;;;;;;;
Subject: Reflections on a Sunday afternoon

We are so blessed on this Palm Sunday to have the opportunity to celebrate with our dear friends from Nepal. Even though it was frustrating and as Krishna said "congested", what a blessing to outgrow our existing Sunday School classroom this morning. I think we should continue to plan for Sunday School next Sunday morning. We should have access to both sides for the room since the other class may have canceled for Easter. Thanks to our captain Mike for communicating our chair and space needs with the church office. Many friends have said that the class is most helpful in developing community for them and also learning the Easter story. My passengers said they believe in God and Jesus but had never heard the Easter story in Nepal church.

I am concerned about the # of drivers required each Sunday morning. I was hoping that all 12 drivers would drive without a weekly call. I didn't even see Bill or Stan today. Elvern finally delivered his second load from Thomas at 9:30 which is really too late to be walking into church. Any ideas????

Thanks to Ann for organizing the Sunday snacks. You might want to contact the folks who bring the Starbucks snacks. Are they going to do it regularly? If yes, Ann could just focus on obtaining volunteers for setting up plates, forks and possibly additional fruit. I hope I didn't offend you Ann when I said no this morning to your request to bring snacks. I believe setting and serving snacks to Nepal Sunday School could easily be project for another Sunday school class looking to serve. Any ideas??

Praise God for Judy Gose who is our newest volunteer. She will assist this week in transportation to the hotel for interviews on Wednesday, Details are listed below:

Tuesday a.m. Carla will pick up applications and make multiple copies
Tuesday Carla will pick up Acharya women and Helen will pick up Thomas women to meet at 4:30 p.m. at Camelback. We will work on accurate applications and interviews fro several hours.
Wednesday 9:30 a.m. Carla and Judy will meet at Camelback to transport to Nepal friends hotel.

Judy has also agreed to spend a morning/afternoon helping our regular church attenders with English at the Camelback appartments. She will work out details with Nepal women on Wednesday. She will also accompany me to the Arizona Teach In on April 18th to provide assistance to our six Nepal teachers who would like to begin the process to begin certified as a paraprofessionals or teachers in AZ.

I promised I would write about March 28th with Rati. As some of you may remember Elvern and my brother-in-law,Keith, were just appalled with her sparse apartment when they dropped off her family after church on March 24th. On Saturday we began our day by delivering the entertainment center unit from Carla's garage and a large TV from Elvern. We still need an antenna....Next we headed out to Shanti at 16th St and Indian School Road. Their speciality is used furniture donated from AIDS families. We started with lamps and tables and then let her pick the pictures for the walls. We also bought other items. The gentlemen were so compassionate that they allowed Rati to pick out the clothes she wanted and gave the children toys for free. The large train is fun but those darn batteries....And then they took Rosy in the back room and gave her two additional large tubs of kitchen items. They also gave us coupons for free loaves of bread at the bread store next door. It was tough decision to determine what flavor of jelly to buy for the bread.

When we got home it was just like Christmas with three new lamps etc. We discovered a nice toaster in on of the kitchen tubs. They raved about the toast and jelly and practically invited the entire north complex in to taste toast and jelly. Unpacking the treasures got more exciting when we found a hand mixer. We learned about plugging it and pushing the on switch as well as inserting and removing the beaters. The Nepal women were just amazed as turned it off and on many times. They all took turns! I am so anxious to stop in after work, invite all available Nepal women and bake Rati's first cake. It was a wonderful day and the best part was that Rosy and I got celebrate all this fun on our parent's anniversary. If they were living they would have loved to have been there as we were doing exactly what our mother had taught us about giving to those in need!

About the picnic on April 19th. We will need all our regular drivers and the committee to assist with driving to North Mountain Park at 7th St and Peoria. I have reserved a large ramada right next to the new playground.
Decisions and Communication
1. Accurate list of committee and drivers planning to attend.
2. We do not want to leave anyone out so please forward to all not on list so we have accurate count.
3. Invite Pastor Joe and Mark?
4. Invite Singles group?
Volunteer needs are as follows. Do we have funds? If yes, save receipts for reimbursement
1. Purchase and bring ice water bottles for 70
2. Purchase and bring ice soda for 70
3. Purchase and bring serving containers for chips etc for 70
4. Purchase and bring fruit for 35 in large serving bowls
5 Volunteer to run to nearby Frys to buy ice cream or ice cream bars after Sunday dinner. OR?????
6. Elvern and I will purchase and marinate chicken to grill for 70 and bring lighter fluid and charcoal. Emery we are counting on you helping at the grill!!
7. Elvern and I will also bring tablecloths,plastic forks, knives and plates

What am I missing??
Take care
Elvern and Helen

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dear Carla,
please share this to our friends at Trinity church.I just got this from Khagen.
rest every thing is fine.
miss u

--- On Wed, 4/1/09, Baral, Khagendra wrote:

From: Baral, Khagendra
Subject: FW: Documentary showing of Baral Family
Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 8:41 AM

Budi see our carly documentary.

Khagendra Baral

Adjustment Case Manager

Catholic Charities

Refugee Services

Phoenix Region

1825 W. Northern Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85021

Phone: (602) 749-4451

Fax: (602) 870-3891


From: Morales, Joanne
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 8:28 AM
To: P Refugee
Cc: Mascaro, Carrie; Egan, Tom
Subject: Documentary showing of Baral Family

. Hi Everyone,

I have provided below a link regarding the showing of the documentary of ASU student Carly Campo.

Carly has been following Khagendra Baral for the past few months and her documentary will be shown on April 10th.

I would like to thank Khagendra for his willingness to share his experience in order to educate others. Information about the documentary showing is listed below.