Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear All,
We just wanted to share this news to you “World refugee day 2009 held at Washington DC ”. Thought you might be interested
Please find the link below,

Thank you

Ganga and Khagendra Baral

Monday, June 22, 2009

If you have a moment this week and are in the vicinity of church any morning, you should stop by and see the absolutely incredible VBS that is taking place. I can't imagine the hours that the team put in to making this such a great experience, from decorations to organization. Don Wilson built part of a pirate ship, mast and all!! And Carol Brady looks great as a pirate. I took six kids who had varying degrees of fun; they were a handful at times, but caught on to my rules before our day was over. some weeks ago I had heard there were only 17 kids signed up, but word must have spread because I bet there were close to 100!

Also, I took the Ghimerey family to the annex and had to tell them over and over to take more clothes. They didn't want to take more than their share and wanted to make sure there would be enough for other families. Wow...that was refreshing! By the end, they hadn't taken enough, in my opinion, but wouldn't take more, so they were happy with what they were given. David was really happy to get the coleman water bottle and an ice tray, so he can take cold water on his job search. And they were happy to get an umbrella for their mom....

Okay.....Chawan's did have a coffee table, so I took the table to Ghiimerey's at Thomas...and gave them a lamp. They are very discouraged about not having a job and having difficulty looking, as is par for the course. They need clothes, so I am taking them to the annex on Monday. Later in the week I am taking Baigai family from Willowsprings to the annex. They requested plates, cups, glasses so I took a box full to them today. took a large bag of clothes to Gurung family at Willowsprings and a bag of little boy clothes to Sanyashi families at Thomas with some little girl panties and a few clothes and toys. I'd already given them girl clothes in the past, fyi.

So although we are not picking up at Willowsprings, some families are finding their way to Camelback to be picked up. not a problem for me but just so you know.

Just fyi....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mon Dhujana with son and daughter were not picked up at Woodbridge.
Gave jhana Adhikari 10 bus tickets, only 3 were used.
Gave Tara Nepal 10 bus tickets, only 3 were used.
Received another request for family at Willow Springs to come to church.

kids in attendance: June 14
Nishan Jogi
Khem Kafley
Roshni Kafley

Elementary: We had our own class for the 11-11;45 time frame.
Bimal Adhikari
Yamuna Adhikar
Seema Nepal
Khina Adhikari
Homa Kanal
Purmila ??? came without parents, friend of ???
Hari Jagjai friend of Bimal Adhikari, came without parents, lives at Willow Springs
Vishma Chuwan
Bhupendra Chuwan
Sumitra Gurung
Dipendra Gurung
Dependra Rizal
Umesh Das
Suman Das
Kalpana Ghimirey

Judy Gose and Romesh Sharma were great helpers in second hour with the class. Teachers in first hour were very pleased with how much better things were with fewer kids and Elvern and I staying. However, Nancy Van der Ark said if there are more kids, there must be one more adult.
On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 2:02 PM, <Elvernh@aol.com> wrote:
Attached is the roster of attendance today.
The N is 75 friends


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mike, Carla & Team,
I did not ask you last night to include me as a mentor since we were running late and never really discussed what that meant until briefly towards the end. However, I think I have a general grasp of the “job description”.
Therefore, I would like to be put down as a mentor to Shekhar and Januka Pokhral even though I will be out of state from June 14 to end of July or no later that Aug 14. I also include Bhola Shiwakoti and sons Achut and Yogya (12) as well as his wife Khina and mother Bishnu (or Khina’s mother?) who are not coming to Trinity. I will occasionally be in touch with them by phone and letter over the summer and am also committed to providing 2-3 monthly bus passes for June, July and August.
When Januka and Shekhar came to my house for dinner a week ago last Sunday some Ghimireys (Tek, Mina, Pabi & Kalpana) and some Khanals (Soma, Gita, Bhola & Kopila) also came. Bhola (16) was especially friendly and eager to help with all the loading, unloading and putting together of the bed for Bhola’s apt. What a neat young man! I’ll want to stay connected to them as well.
Just as a point of information: For the past 3 Thursdays I have been at the Shiwakoti’s & Pokhrals. First, we practice English for a couple of hours. (Thanks for the books, Carla.) The largest percentage of participants are the 19-20+ young men who are job hunting. Then we run errands. We’ve been to the Goodwill career center (Thanks for that info, Carla), the library for cards, the airport for testing, to pick up a small computer desk for a neighbor, and the Bead Museum and Cerreta’s with the “girls”. Don’t know what we’ll do this Thurs, my last until August. But we’ll have fun! Hope it will be productive.

Lynda Geames

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Team Meeting Notes
June 9, 2009

Where do we go from here?

We do deeper rather than wider

  • We invest in Bhutanese Leaders
  • We offer a few families a financial and emotional safety net
  • We encourage mentoring relationships

We go there more than they come "here"

  • Fine ESL partners who are already doing it
  • Plan small events at the complex
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Drive our friends where they need to go

We listen more

  • Listen to the felt needs of our Bhutanese leadership team
  • Listen for clues to their spiritual discovery
  • Respond to specific needs based on their priorities

We build infrastructure at Trinity

  • Finances - be generous
  • Encourage and pray for our leaders
  • Support ministries by sending or being helpers
  • Pray for the new pastor
  • Say thank you

Lean forward

  • Think about a vision for the future
  • Build partnerships with other churches and organizations
  • Be faithful to fulfill our God-given responsibility
  • Live within our resources

Next Steps

  • Bhutanese Exposition - July 26
  • Mentoring Training TBA
  • Bhutanese Teacher Training - start process
  • Abounding Services ESL at Restoration Church - Aug 1