Saturday, January 22, 2011

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Friday, September 11, 2009

I just discovered that AMC... showcases movies from India from time to time. A new one is coming out on 9/18 "Dil Bole Hadippa". Times & Locations are not available yet. Movies before Noon are $5. It would an experience for most of our friends. Next week the description of the movie should be out. From the poster it looks like a comedy. I have to ask "D Daddy Das" for the translation.

The Gospel through 2 Coke cans, a calendar, PBS and Dr. Phil:
I spent 4 hrs w/the Das family yesterday. Took them to the clinic and then hung out with them while I waited for 1-17 traffic to disappear. They taught me to make another form of roti, which is like a tortilla. That was too funny. Mr. Das's("D Daddy Das" ) roti was perfect, mine looked more like a deformed frisbee! This Julia Child cooking class gave us time just to bond and chat in which Mr. Das shared his heart and concerns. I admire him for thinking of ways to at least look for new jobs. 2 months ago I would bring him my Sunday's classified ads, for him to look for better jobs. He "didn't have time to read" then, but that's when he was working 5 days and Kumar was working 5 days .... money was good. Yesterday, he asked if "I would bring back paper to him". Last Sunday, I shared Jeremiah 29:11 with him. Yesterday, Mr Das talked about moving back to Nepal by saving up a lots of money to move back. Then he talked of Texas..yes Texas. They hear where other families have moved there and found jobs. After listening to him yesterday, I had him write that scripture on a piece of paper and asked Mr Das to start memorizing it and substituting his name or "the Das family" when ever "you" is mentioned in the verse. We wrote it out yesterday so he could tape it on the bathroom mirror. We also read Matthew 6:25 "Do not worry passage" and we read the 23rd Psalms. He's that's how we got to Jeremiah and Matthew. He, like so many of us is looking at the storm and leaning on his own understanding . I shared the story of Moses and how God made a way by parting the sea. Mr. Das knew that story, but we talked about how Moses didn't know that the sea would open up for him. I then asked Mr Das if he knew when the way would open up for him, and he said "why of course not"... you silly lady (my interpretation), then I told him to keep praying until it does! I took 2 Coke cans that were on the table, one was Egypt, where the people of God where slaves to bad people, and the other one was "A better place". I shared how the people wanted to go back to Egypt because it was familiar and easier to go back to what they knew. And then I tied in the story of how they followed God, through Moses and made it safe to the other side of the sea...then we reread Jeremiah 29: 11 again.

Then we watched TV and Tulasa started singing the "We are family" chorus, because we all were sitting together and I wasn't running off in a hurry to get home for my next task at hand. I left them watching Dr Phil, which had a family who was going through financial hardship during tough economic times. How stress was killing the family and the husband was making wrong choices, like taking the equity out of the home to gamble to make more money....which he lost.

While watching TV, I noticed a 2009 India calendar from the temple on 28th Ave & Maryland. I read about each of the "gods" that was highlighted for each month. I asked what they thought about each of them. I gingerly noted that they were made by man and were abnormally made. I asked if they thought that the God in heaven made them. Tulasa didn't believe in them, Mr Das was sitting on the fence. Mrs Das honestly answered "no" when I asked her if she thought they truly had the power to do what each of them were said to have. We talked about reincarnation and how some Americans believe that too, but with Christianity there was none. I asked him why would anyone want to came back to a bad place again. We talked about spiritual forces that do operate in the world that we can not see, that there were good and bad spirits. I reinforced Sunday's sermon about God being the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The half hour before Dr Phil's show, I have surfed the stations and we ended up on Channel 8 (PBS) that just happened to have a documentary on the universe and the galaxy... I used that to tell them that is what our God created. There mouths dropped and then I gently said that stone figures of half elephant/half woman, with 6 arms didn't make the universe...which lead me to talk about how an fallen angel was given power over the earth. It was a blessing, when I left there prayed for seeds to stay planted in their minds and heart.