Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Champa Rai and I visited for a long time with Rati Gurung, who is a widow with four children. Very sad situation as she has no english skills, no understanding of her appliances, hygiene, cleaning supplies, dangers of leaving food out to spoil, and on and on. Champa did some intense interpreting for me as we instructed on how to clean the bathroom, kitchen, floors, fridge...everything. Tried to explain the fridge/freezer concepts. They have no meat at all, don't really know how to shop. Had meat upon arrival, but it was in the freezer and they didn't know why it got hard and didn't know what to do with it when it was hard. I guess they threw it out. Sink was full of dirty dishes with lots of food mixed in, bucket of black water and a mop was stashed in a closet. They have two towels between them and two washrags. Tried to explain food poisoning in our hot climate. Gave her lots of soaps and cleansers, five washcloths, Helen B. is delivering towels on Tuesday. Rati has not been food shopping....she sends eldest son. She agreed to learn on Sunday after church with Champa and me. Like many others, they had trashed computer parts the boys had found in the "dust bin"/ dumpster. A lot of our friends regularly dumpster dive. So sad.

The Thomas apartments are the worst I've seen for our friends. Pray that Catholic Social Services will move this sweet family to a better location. This mom needs a mentor with lots of time. Any ideas?


Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi all,
Just a quick run down of Tika's household supplies.....so we all know where to spend our resources, if we choose:

Bath soap bars: 12-15 (girls didn't know these were for bathing)
body wash: 1 bottle
shampoo: 4-6 bottles
toothpaste: 10 tubes
toothbrushes: 10
dishsoap: 1 gallon
laundry soap: 3-4 gallons
toilet paper: 24 rolls
men's deodorant: 3
women's deodorant: 4
men's razors: 6
womens' razors: 6 (though the girls don't shave...yet)
rice: 100 pounds

Much of this was from the initial set-up that oversupplied them but they'll use it eventually.

UNKNOWN: housecleaning supplies (Carol Langley said a gallon container that I previously thought was laundry soap was actually cleaning liquid, so they should be okay)

Will routinely need feminine hygiene items, monthly bus pass for Tika, single day use passes for Kamala for doctor appointments, DES appointments, etc. Could use a better clothes drying rack.......all the families need these actually. Girls would like swim suits.

Still not convinced Kamala NEEDS a black pair of pants, as she has two, though one is casual. Gave her a donated pair of khaki tan pants yesterday. I am concerned with the push to find jobs in the hotel industry since we are entering the off-season and there will be lay-offs.

Gave the family a computer desk that was donated. Set up the computer in the master bedroom, but they need a desk lamp.

Begged them to turn on the AC, as it was 95 degrees nad 90% humidity in their apartment last night. I think they were afraid I was going to pass out, so they finally opened the doors and let me get the AC running. Kamala was convinced that hot air was coming out of the intake register, so I showed them how it actually works. If you all visit any families who have ceiling fans, make sure the fan is circulating air downwards; the little switch on the side of the housing changes the direction of the blades and thus the flow of the air. Well, we all probably know that, but they don't. They have a very nice circulating fan they rescued from the dumpster. Kamala used some ingenuity to make two fans into one nice one!

The bed in the front room might often be used by guests, like the young Rizal boy from Thomas who roams the streets every day he can. he sleeps there every Saturday night.

Tika was actually BEAMING last night because Dr. Purna had come to "sit" with them in his house! He was very proud to have had several guests, but especially the doctor.

Other families: gave most all the families who attended yesterday some combination of hygiene items, toilet paper, soap, etc. Am going to the Gurung family today with substantial amount. She is a widow with 5 kids, poor english skills, with Catholic Social Services, very sparce supplies. All of the items yesterday came from the Trinity Women's Bible Study collection; all the items I"m delivering today as well. When it's gone it's gone, but it is sure filling a tremendous need.

I have a donated computer..........was thinking Bhattarai family since Krisna is such a huge help with translation and Carol Brady seems to have an ongoing relationship. What do you all think and could someone set it up and check it out before it's delivered?

Tika needs a ride on March 31 to an appointment on 57th Ave and Thunderbird....to be there by 7:45. I can't do it.........any takers?

Uma needs two teeth "thrown out" but ran into an insurance snag. Purna also needs work but insurance approved. I told them about the tooth fairy; in Nepal, they cover the tooth in mud and throw it on top of the hut to insure the incoming teeth grow straight. I like the tooth fairy better! But it makes sense now to "throw out" a tooth!

Thank you all for every little or big bit you play in this great unfolding drama!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! Please continue to pray for other Trinity folks to catch the vision, have patience, extend grace and come alongside individual families. We really need a "family to family" mentoring program!!

Thanks to Stan, Iris, Vilma and Duane for jumping in and helping with transportation with no fanfare, just flexibility!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please forward this after reading, to as many Trinity folks as possible..

We need your help! Trinity has a thriving refugee outreach ministry, so much so that there are more people who want to attend church than there are cars to transport them to TBC and home again. If you have an extra 30 minutes before or after church, or both, then please consider helping us pick up refugee families and/or take them home after church. Even if you can only do one trip, it would be a huge help. These sweet people are willing and eager to come to church....the only barrier is transportation. We have three main complexes where we have friends who need rides:
1) 19th Ave and Camelback
2) 23rd Ave north of Indian School
3) 19th Ave and Glendale

We have several children who love attending as well, and need to make sure we honor them by getting them in car seats. We have some car seats/boosters, but we need more cars so there is room for all.

Please pray about how God might have you sacrifice some time to reach this mission field by driving one way or the other on Sundays. It will be so appreciated!! Please call me if you can help us bring the mission field to Trinity's front door...........
Carla Truman

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We had an extra couch so it was delivered to the family at the Pines in b219...don't know their name, but since their living room was empty figured it was needed! Also gave them soap, toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrushes. They said they didn't know how to use the food EBT card so I told them to ask other families. Thanks to Emery and Frankie Brown for finding that freebie!

Will deliver to the Bhattarai's at Glenrosa a small coffee table, thanks to craigslist....tomorrow. I will continue to fill out donation forms.

Today was a great success and a lot of fun for all of the women involved!! I think we'll do it again sometime! 20 Trinity women and 30 or so refugee women and children, with some men looking on from the outside, gathered for manicures, pedicures and food at the Pines.

I committed to going to the library on Montebello with anyone who is interested...on Friday March 20 at 10 am. I didn't offer rides, just offered to meet anyone there and get library cards and learn how to use the library. Several ladies said they would come.

FYI: the Bhattarai apartment B149 was unlocked when we arrived today. Apparently maintenance didn't lock it. Nothing was taken so God apparently posted an angel there!

Hello all,
Quick update on the apartment for Bhattarai family.....
1. Kitchen is something Martha Stewart (Stuart?) would be proud of ....
2. Bath necessities are all terrific and fully stocked. Just need directions attached to each hygiene item!
3. Have one double bed for parents, one double sleeper sofa for adult brothers, one bunk bed with twin on top and full on bottom for kids and/or adult sister, and one other twin for ??? The families are going to reorganize once they are all here so they'll figure out who sleeps where but for now, upon arrival, they all have a clean bed and pillow.
4. Have couch and two easy chairs, full dinette set for four, though pray that I can find the one missing chair wheel. Beautiful coffee table that will be the envy of the neighborhood, one side table, one lamp that is yet to be tested and needs a shade.
5. I furnished the closet with an assortment of clean clothes for both genders, variety of sizes. All free........out of the storage treasure.
6. Lawn chairs for their back "yard".....4.
7. Wondering if someone could rig a clothes line in the back...???
8. Got a 16 cup rice cooker but wondering if they come bigger?? Can a crock pot cook rice okay?
9. Other Nepali ladies are helping me today to clean floors and finish making beds.

10. Praise God for HIS remarkable provisions....I've never seen an apartment furnished on so few dollars!!!


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Had a scary hour last night....Chandra Nepal called me and said that Champa had gone missing. She'd gone to Scottsdale on a job lead and no one had seen her since 10 am and her phone was not responding. I called Pastor Jeff Jackson to alert him since he knows them well, then went down to C-back. Champa arrived about two minutes before I did..at 9:30 pm. I heard her whole story but still don't know exactly what happened other than she got lost and/or the job lead (a private nanny job) took advantage of her and had her work all day. Not sure. But was so relieved she was safe. Her parents were crying, everyone was understandably distressed. I was about to call you to put our team on prayer alert but wanted to see in person what was going on....whew.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dear Carla, My name is Stan Petree, I am a member of Single Minded at Trinity Bible Church. An email was sent out by Carol Langley and Iris Hedrick. I would be able to help transport some of the Bhutan/Nepal immigrants at any of the locations. Only problem, I have a very small car, room for one adult and two small people for the back seat. I know that most of these people are short and small, so maybe my car would be fine. Anyway, You line it up and let me know what you need me to do and what time on Sunday. I do not have child seats, and they would not fit in my back seat, so no small children in car seats for me. Thank you for your service to aid these people of God. Also, I am in charge of Special Ministries in Single Minded, we would be interested in getting involved in supporting these immigrants with food stuffs, and clothing, etc. We have been involved with First Southern Baptist Church with there Berundi immigrants for the past year. We would love to work something out, so that our donations could go to help our Bhutan/Nepal Refugees. Let me know, if you need reference to who I am, just call Carol L. or Iris H. Thank you, and God is in Control, Stan Petree 480-203-2237

Monday, March 02, 2009

I visited Kafley family at the Pines. They have plenty of furniture...fully loaded house and huge tv. Not sure what she meant, Helen, that she said they have no furniture. Maybe they have no furnishings, like towels, soaps, etc.??? I have soap to take to them tomorrow, as well as toilet paper. I took clothes for the kids and some used toys...all of which came out of the storage unit that Billie Scott ( Amanda Dalton's mother) gave us to use for refugees. The two kids were there with three cousins, and they got sooooo excited with the few toys....Thanks be to God I took numerous toys, not just two. whew....could'a been ugly! I also put in a few used handtowels/kitchen towels. She was very disappointed you were not with me, Helen, and had difficulty understanding that you work more than full time.

This was a good example of the importance of checking out a family's status before planning on gifting them with anything, not that we had planned but we were definitely concerned.

I also gave a small bag of used boys clothes to the Das grandparents for the 8 year old.
Woodbridge (19th and Glendale):
Visited with the Christian family at Woodbridge...I struggle to remember their names! Gave them the table I'd promised them last week and a lamp. Then visited the NEW Adhikari famiy at Woodbridge M252....all want to come to church ..family of 5. These are some relative of Kamala's. not related to Glenrosa Adhikari. Gave them a lamp and a few bars of soap I happened to have in the car and some bath and hand towels. They have a couch and dining table and beds. I have 2 tv's, for both Woodbridge families, IF the tv's work...I haven't had time to check them out. Tika said they have only a change of clothes each so I will deliver some used clothes to them tomorrow.

Most of this "stuff" has come out of the storage units, run through the Truman Laundry, and out the door!!! FREE!!!!

I have NOT given away the third DVD player since I figured we need to be very intentional with where these DVD players go. My personal opinion is for those families who share their resources and will share the DVD as a resource. Maybe something to talk about at our next meeting.

Tika went with me and is such an outreach pro not to mention how he handles so well putting off tea at every household!!! He talked to Mr. Adhikari about coming to church so we can pray for him....Mr. A. has many injuries from the torture he suffered in Bhutan. I thought that was so touching, Mike, that your practical yet deep lesson was already being shared to others and taken to heart!!

Also, something Mike...you might want to alert the planning committee to.....everyone is excited to come to the "picnic" on the 15th. We need to be sensitve to the real purpose of that event and figure out how to fit in our new friends appropriately. To continue to win over Trinity family members to join in our ministry, we need to think ahead about how to prevent (I don't know the right word...) the chaos and noise that often accompanies our friends, when/if the Trinity family has the presentation time for the Benadoms. I don't mean to offend anyone with my suggestion, but just to be direct and think ahead so please forgive me if I am mis-stating something.

Glen Rosa: I talked to Donna Buckles at LSS, and she agreed the remaining Bhattrai family should go to the Pines,with the hope that Gopal's household could move up there eventually. Gopal is considering that his parents should live at Camelback so they are happier having friends and more support. I told Donna about Mr. B's anxiety condition, lack of sleep, ER visit, etc. Gopal will be encouraged by some support from his other siblings. Mon needs to start job search. ...not sure where she stands on that.

Carol Brady has a folding wheelchair that she is giving to Mr. Adhikar!!!! Wooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was very relieved because he feels so bad about how hard it is (isn't really) to deal with the other chairs. Yea God!!

Last but not least, the ladies' Wednesday morning Bible study has taken interest on helping us and our friends. They are collecting soaps, etc. AND they are arranging to do simple manicures on Wed. March 11 at the Pines, for primarily our Nepali community friends. They hope to give away a manicure kit to lots of women.....but will need lots of stuff so if you know anyone who could help let me know....

Congratulations again, Mike and Julie and now counting the days to the wedding!! Hang in there!!

FYI: I took Shadikshya to the nursery and stayed with her.......she was fine, after she cried all the way over there and gave me every dirty look she could summon (seriously!). I know how to say "I'm sorry" in Nepalese, so that helped a bit but not much. I've talked to Chandra about doing this but she won't let her cry and leave her. So I had told her that I'd be willing to stay with Shadikshya to get used to the nursery. It's GOOD for her so she can be around other children and be exposed to some toys, and get used to being OK while mom is gone. She was enthralled with the other kids...she needs to be there so if I kidnap her again you'll know why! Chandra may be working every Sunday, like she was yesterday.

Seema, Roma, and Kehm all seemed very happy in Miss Carol's class. Now Miss Carol is going to have to recruit more helpers! What a great problem to have!!!!!