Monday, February 09, 2009

Sunday mornings a quite an operation now. We are shuttling over 20 people in personal cars and vans on Sunday mornings.

This week we started a dedicated Sunday School class to combine the study of the Gospel of Mark and English. There was a dramtaic response when we explained that we were doing this class because sometimes we talk too fast. Everyone agreed enthusiastically.

This week wee studied Mark 1:1-11. We introduced the concepts of prophet, forgiveness, baptism, heart preparation, and the Trinity. English lesson included the "th" sound in "the" and the "z" sound of "s" in words like Jesus.

To make this class more effective, we will need help.

1) Treats coordinator.
2) Secretary to track attendance, document skill levels, manage resources.
3) Mentors at each table to help with assignments and give individual attention.
4) Designated translator
5) Curriclum aid to prepare work sheets

Next week's lesson is Mark 1:9-20. The themes will be Satan, temptation, the gospel of the kingdom, repentance, faith, and becoming a fisher of men.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mike spoke incorrectly in a email I read today. I counted 37 Nepal friends in the room speaking to Pastor Harka. Elvern has already left with five members of the Battarai family. That makes a minimum of 42 Nepal Friends in attendance.

Carol Brady is so excited about helping Mon. She spent most of yesterday on the phone exploring all available resources she could connect with. This afternoon she took Mon all by herself out to explore some thirft stores. When Elvern saw Mon yesterday morning while patiently (??) waiting for Mom, Dad and Gopel he said that he noticed a definite change in Mon's spirit. I am taking Mom, Mon and Dawn to Metro Center Thursday after work. We will meet Carol there. I may told you this earlier but they only have been to Frys and Chinese Market (?), I will bring them home about 6:00 and return to the meeting at church.

Some of you may have noticed that I spent about an hour with Mon during the Super Bowl sharing information about the following:
ESL classes at Rio Salado near Carol's house
Arizona Women's Education and Employment AWEE resources - again located near Carol's house
Adult Education GED - benefit of learning English and speaking English in academic environment
AZ Paraprofessional Teacher certification requirements - she previously taught 6th grade
Great Arizona Teach In scheduled for April 16th- I am taking Gopel. Mon, Sophella and her husband

In addition the Sophella and husband and the nurses needed information about transcripted college credit. The women who want to be nurses live at Camelback and 19th Ave

Mike please place transportation on the agenda. We need to develop a plan for Sunday transportation. Elvern and I made the southern pickup and return home at least six times on Sunday and I know Carla made at least two trips. In addition there is a carload of friends from 19th and Camelback who will be needing rides on Sunday. There will be 12 B and A family members needed rides at 23rd ave and Glenrosa.

Elvern just bought the laundromat at 51st Ave and Thunderbird. He is currently working 16 hour days so he will not be available to transport during the week for 4-6 weeks.

This ministry could become full time job. Praise God for all these opportunities to witness the love of Jesus!

Monday, February 02, 2009

A lot of last week's energy went into the Super Bowl Party. I expected about 20 Nepalis to attend. We ended up with about 40! Carla, Helen, Elvern, and I provided bus service to make this happen. Ganga helped to round up a crowd from her neighborhood.

Pastor Harka from Jesus Ministries International - Nepal was a tremendous blessing. This is his website: He was a great host and provided a gospel presentation DVD in Nepali. When people were bored with the game, he invited them to hear updates from Nepal and counseled them in how to adjust to life in the U.S.

I went home very tired but also very satisfied (except for the final score).