Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To our faith Bhutanese Ministry team:

Here is a plan in attempt to structure the need to have harmony during the 1st hour (9A-10:30A) Children's Ministry that is held downstairs in the Education Bldg. It is our goal not to have any one person repeat in any given 3 months if 12 of use would participate in the rotation so no one is deprived of 9AM Adult worship service. One way of increasing volunteers other than ourselves, is to remember if anyone asks you if we need help or is there something they can do....BINGO....tell them to see me if they could do one Sunday of 1st Hr Children Ministry "Group Monitor" A copy of this will also be given to the Bhutan volunteers and I will call Carol Brady to make her aware.

Below are dates in which we need 1 American adult to volunteer to serve as" Group Monitor" . There will be 1 Bhutan adult volunteering along side with you.

"Group Monitor's" responsibility:
1) the kids are free to go downstairs from 8:45 am on, and need to be signed in by an adult & by grade level.
2) Our helpers will sit among the kids, or walk among the kids, during the large group time, and give them lots of reminders to give the leader their attention, stop talking, make sure only one at a time goes to the bathroom.
3) Move kids who are continually disruptive so that they are not sitting by their friends. We basically just want them attending to the songs and stories, and some need a lot of verbal reminders coupled with a physical touch like a hand on the shoulder, a pat on the back, something that gently gets their attention back to the leader.
4) during the free play time, it is imperative that the "Group Monitor" supervise the play area and make sure kids are sharing, being kind, not putting toys in their pockets. This is an active time.
5) there are some down time while the kids go into small groups in which you will stay on hand to handle any disruptions or questions from the teachers.

My commitment in this process is to:
1. Send out at the end of every month, the next month's schedule of volunteers, with phone # and email address
2. I will continue to resend an updated email (if needed) until all dates for a 3 month period is taken.
3. I will monitor any "rubber band" effect = (Carla &Elvren are back to doing it every week)
4. To pray for you the day you serve that God may be glorified, even in all the small things. We are in essence a part of the process of training up a child in the way they should go.

Your commitment to this process is to:
1. When life arise and stuff happens and you need to change a date, it will be your responsibility to call another volunteer on that month's list and switch with someone. If for some reason you are not able to make a switch, then notify me.
2. Notify me of a switch

Continue to be strong in the power of HIS might!
Iris....see below

Please respond doing the following:
1. You can not type in your name first then send the email.
2.. Reply to "ALL"
3. Scroll down into the body of the email and TYPE your name by the Sunday to volunteer
4. Send the email..... this way ALL will be able to see what dates are be taken up... as it is a 1st taken, 1st to Serve.

****** VOLUNTEERS NEED for the next months (JULY - SEPT 2009) ******
1. July 5: Iris Hedrick
2. July 12:
3. July 19:
4. July 26:
5. Aug 2:
6. Aug 9:
7. Aug 16:
8. Aug 23:
9. Aug 30:
10 Sept 6:
11. Sept 13:
12. Sept 20:
13. Sept 27: